Amina Mahamud wants to break stereotypes about Muslim women. “When some people think of Muslim women they think they’re not powerful, and that they can’t talk, and that they’re not energetic, and that they can’t protect themselves. But to be honest, most of our Muslim women, we run our countries more than the men do” said Mahamud. That is why the Somali Women’s League of Kentucky hosted Somali Cultural Night.

The event also was held at Refuge Louisville to raise funds for the Somalian drought. “About 12 million Somalians died from the drought this year. This event, everything we make here goes towards them … Somalia’s people would really appreciate if you can help us, to donate for my people, for your people,” said Mahamud. It also was a chance for Kentuckians to learn about Somalian culture with food, fashion, poetry, dancing and music. “That was the main point about it — to show the Somalian culture, clothes, food, so they could learn more about us, because we are neighbors. It’s a really good way to see where we fit in. That’s what it was all about.”